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Web based content management solution for the IBM i

iView performs content management functions to enable the capture, storage, indexing and retrieval of spool files, merged documents and scanned forms so they are accessible via a web browser by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The iView archive engine automatically captures spool files with user defined bursting conditions, search indexes, and sorting sequences allowing user-defined sorting of the forms and reports. It eliminates the time and cost of storing, retrieving and sharing documents generated in an iSeries, System i or IBM i environment.

Key Benefits of iView:

  • Streamlines collaborative processes with easy-to-access central repository for both electronic and scanned documents
  • Integrates into IFD’s modular iDocs document management system: Sign, Scan, Archive, Email, Print, Report Management, Distribute etc.
  • Native iSeries – System i archive-retrieval processing increases security and speed over downloading to a PC or Secondary server
  • Automated rules engine provides unassisted spool file and scanned document processing
  • Improves security with password control for access to documents and virtual folders
  • Virtual Folders can be defined to control user access to documents based on document content – thus increasing security and flexibility
  • Web browser interface so users can search on spool file content or up to 20 indices for stored documents
  • No client software to install – works with Internet Explorer
  • Users and developers can integrate iView into in-house software solutions using available APIs
  • Documents are captured, and then stored in Adobes’x popular PDF format directly on the iSeries host