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  • Too Much Paper?

    Too Much Paper?

    Document scanning and capture
    for any office

    See Capture and Scanning Options

  • Workflow and BPM

    Workflow and BPM

    Automate any business

    See Wokflow and BPM

  • IBM iSeries Document & Payment Solutions

    IBM iSeries Document & Payment Solutions

    Document automation solutions
    for the iSeries:
    Form & Laser Checks, Email PDF & Excel,
    Spool file conversions, Document Scan & Workflow

    iSeries Solutions

Featured Products & Solutios

  • iCapture

    iCapture provides all the required features for any scanning or document capture project. OCR, copier integration, and automated extraction can help you convert your paper to digital format.

    Document Capture

  • K2 Workflow

    The K2 no-code Business Applications Platform provides workflow, forms, reports and data integration capabilities to any organiztion. It is an essential piece to any digital transformation strategy. With K2 blackpearl you can provide workflow in SharePoint, mobile forms and powerfulw reporting dashboards in a snap.

    K2 Workflow and BPM

  • iDocs

    iDocs monitors Output Queues for spool files , database files or XML data to process and route based on user-defined business rules on the IBM iSeries.


  • iWorkflow

    iWorkflow is a powerful workflow engine for enabling the iSeries and AS400 for business process management.